Easy to share and informative, The Mark Wine TV produces two minute wine training videos on our wines, customized to your concept. You can watch them on all your devices; lap top, iPad, mobile phone. Pull them up at your pre-shift meeting or load them into your training station. 
The process is easy and takes us about two weeks from start to finish. We start by understanding which wines you feel will have a great impact on your sales, how a video could help. We then engage with you to see how you feel the wine pairs with key elements on your menu.
Our team then sets about to create the video from scratch, fully customized to your concept, complete with your logos, photography and color scheming.
The video starts with an explanation of the region where the wine comes from, and an explanation of the grape varietal or varietals the wine is made from. The grapes and region are put into a context within the greater world of wine so there is some reference for the viewer to work with in regards to other wines in the program.
Next the brief story about the winery is given and salient points about what make this wine special are provided in bullet form (easy to remember). Finally, your menu items are paired together with the wine
The Mark Wine TV Videos are the easiest way to get people talking fluently about our wines in your program. Ask us today about how to get one created for your program.